Call of Duty 4 Airplane ( Airbus ) Models pack

This pack contains a bunch of the models that are in the hostage rescue mission in Call of Duty 4. They are directly ported from the game, none of that 3d ripper junk.
All of these models have normal maps, specular maps, different LOD models, all are made with love, etc. I even threw in an animation for the door handle, incase anyone wanted to use it on a door.

I give anyone who wants to use these in a map full permission AS LONG AS I AM CREDITED FOR THEM.

-There is a total of 13 props in this pack.
-This is the first of many Cod4 model packs I am going to release, so keep your eye out for more to come.

Put it in addons. Incase you didn’t already know where to put it.

-Infinity Ward - Original Models
-Battlepope - Porting


Some Images:

Let me know if anything is wrong with them, or if there is anything I should fix.

Awsome job man, totally was waiting for someone to rip from this level.

By the way though, are you only ripping from modern warfare or 2 as well?

Thanks. These will be useful.

First I’m going to rip a bunch of the models from modern warfare, I might do modern warfare 2 after. Also, a lot of the models from modern warfare are in the 2nd, and 3rd for that matter.

Hmm this is from that one Last Mission,Right??
Damn good Times… CoD wasnt as Bad back then, Now with this “Black Ops 2” and “Modern Warfare 3” stuff, totally ruined :confused:
Very good tho, i will certainly find good use for these :slight_smile:

Well, quite a useful though I don’t know how should I use that airplane window.
Hey mon, then why don’t you port the crashed ch46 and blackhawk from <Shockwave and Aftermath> and the mission that Russians hit the blackhawk, which Cpt, Gaz, and Nikolai was riding. I’d like to, but I don’t have COD4 now. It would be useful since there’s no crashed chopper model around.
ps. I already ported crashed pavelow. But it’s unstable. So if you’re gonna keep doing this, I want to make sure that I’ll help with this up.