Call of Duty 4 Foliage WIP

sorry for big size pictures


  1. Anti-Aliasing
  2. No Lower Frame(Maybe? :/)
  3. Many Grass (I will make more)

lol can you make even more ambient things?

like buildings, roads, street signs, sidewalks?

eitherway i love when people port part of the environment itself, not just characters

uh… I can port street signs

wow looks nice

Very good! The Half-life 2 fiolage is extremely bad. This looks much better!

^ Agreed, more foliage, street signs, etc. would all be nice. Anything that’s not just ragdolls and vehicles would be great, keep it up!!

Foliage is always good.


vehicles are already ported, so I will port more foliage or street signs

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