Call of Duty 4 Hexed OpFor Soldiers

Here are the Terrorists from ThePredator’s “COD4 CS:S Mod” hexed so they don’t replace the original CS:S terrorists. There’s no eye, face, or finger posing, sorry. Credits for the original model and textures go to Activision, Infinity Ward, Valve, ThePredator, Predaaator, BlackOPS7799, and SixToes.


Whoa nice, guy in the first picture looks like he was hit in the face with the ugly shovel quite alot.

Nice! I was waiting for a hexed version

good hexed

I think someone must edit these ragdoll’s bone.

bones are really suck my ass :frowning:

This, they really suck.


Made a reference pic for you.

Yeah, I see that looks pretty weird. Do you think anyone might be able to fix this?

very good work