Call of Duty 4 - Models Thread


THIS PROJECT IS PRETTY BIG AND IT WILL TAKE MONTHS TO FINNISH IT, oh yeah it's also on hold....maybe dead too. someone decided to kill cod4


Call of Duty 4 models thread



Did someone call the artillery? Hope not, cuz those guys look scary.
Looks who’s lonely…poor ZPU4…noone likes low-poly models…
Almost all of the air vehicles except the CH-46e, cuz it would’nt compile.
ALl of the UAZ’s.
All of the tanks.
Some civillian vehicles.
A BuLlDoZeRR, a tractor and it’s mighty plow.
Mo’ of t3h awsum military vehicles.
All of the fancy cars you probably destroyed in CoD4.
Oh look! This model is gonna be PRICEless…

**Model list W.I.P:**


AV-8B Harrier
BM-21 Mobile
BM-21 Bed
BM-21 Cover
BMP (Includes normal, woodland and desert)
Civilian Cars (Lots of diffrent colours and models)
Delivery truck
Humvee (Includes woodland and desert)
Luxury Sedan
M1A1 Abrams
MiG-29 (Includes Missiles: Alamo, Aphid and Archer)
Opposing Force Truck
Civilian Pickup
SA6 (Includes desert and woodland, empty and a missile)
Slamraam (Includes empty and a missile)
Truck Trailer
Wagons (Diffrent colours and models)
T72 (Includes desert and woodland)
Tanker Truck (Includes civilian and woodland)
Tractor (Includes a plow)
UAZ (Includes Fabric, hardtop, light, open and van)


Woodland Price


AK47 (Golden and orginal + attachments)
AK74u (attachments incluuded)
Benneli M1014 (Golden and orginal + foregrip)
Bullet (empty version included)
C4 (detonator included)
Claymore (Includes Unfolded legs, folded legs and no legs)
Colt 1911 (Includes suppressor + black and white skins)
Concussion Grenade
Deagle (Golden, twotone and orginal)
Igniter Time Plasting Fuse Weatherproof M60, “Detcord” the breaching door shit
Dragonuv (Includes orginal, golden + clip)
G3 (Includes attachments)
G36c (Includes attachments)
M16 (Includes attachments)
M21 (The SP ghillie camo one)
M82A1 Barret
Miniuzi (Golden and orginal)
M4A1 Carbine
Winchester 1200
P90 (Greenish and orginal)
Parabolic Knife

Attachments: Suppressor, holographic sights, scopes, grenade launchers, laser pointers, and any other related stuff, MULTIPLAYER VERSION OF THE REFLEX SIGHT AND THE ACOG IS NOT INCLUDED


[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Vehicles + attachments

[tab]Version:[/tab] 0.1 at 17.01.2009

[tab]Description:[/tab] Almost every vehicle from COD4 along with their attachments.


[tab]Download 2:[/tab]

[tab]Download 3:[/tab] [/release]

**FAQ: **

Q: Will this be a pack?
A: Uhm, yes.

Q: Can I test the models, please?
A: No.

Q: Why the hell is the progress so slow?
A: Porting Call of Duty 4 models isn’t the only project we are working on and we have different projects to do.

Q: Will you make driveable vehicles, too?
A: Only if we get someone to do it OR if we learn it ourselfs!

Q: Can I be in the team?
A: Sure, you just need to know how to port CoD4 models and materials and/or know how to ragdoll and bring them into source.

A: This isn’t a question, idiot!

Holy shit awesome!

Are you planning on porting more ragdolls also?

Of course.

Great! I can’t wait. :smiley:

see if you can port the multiplayer models not the singleplayer models

Well i can be a help with the ragdoll if you want, i’ve been wanting to do a few but can’t decide which really.

I only got this one as a request.

It’s face pose

Great, thanks!

I’ll contact you tomorrow.

I see a lot of posing in the near future.

No problem, just contact me on msn if you like.

This looks epic.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I hope I get my account back by time these are released…

Sweet, now I can actually use the actual props for map.

if you’re doing vehicles, could you do the truck with missile on the back and the UAZ van?

Oh god, I have waited so long for a thread like this :4chan:! Awesome job, you get a thank you :slight_smile:

every wip thread has that same annoying FAQ

Hey guys, perhaps you could release them seperately?
That way you can get things out quicker.

Dumbledore kills Price.

Awesome models there, keep it up!

I want that ghillie suit guy so bad

I have a very urgent question, Do you have to have Call od Duty 4 installed to use these models? also, could you port the multiplayer models as well, fixed to where they aren’t “shiny”?

Yes, I do have CoD4 and you do not need CoD4 to use theese models, BUT you must own or have CoD4.

I/We will also try to port as many models as possible including the multiplayer ones.