Call of Duty 4 Operator

fuck all that, we call it operator.
[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Operator from Call of duty 4
[tab]Description:[/tab] USMC appears in Joint Operation
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Valve, IW, Activision
Rigging, Porting: tlsaudrl2548
actual model, textures: IW


4 models, 3 bonus (ghillie, 2 USMC)

Download : Here


Finally you release this.
Thanks :slight_smile:
Shall be quite usefull.

Nice! Thanks man.

Awesome stuff.

good job!

nice,gonna port e’m to cs 1.6

I was hoping for switchboard operators. Damn.

How about your Militia?

Ssgt. Griggs! have a heart

Don’t be too ambitious.

But real good man, always liked these guys.

nice work, dude

I’m not being ambitious…

There’s no news or updates for weeks about his Militia.

Can’t you guess that I gave up

What do operators actually do?

The term “operator” is typically used to refer to any Special Forces soldier, since they conduct a specialized “operation.” Hence “operator.”

Not half bad. Kudos, Tsauldrl, for putting Griggs in there…you really need to drop 4shared though.

For some reason i was thinking about the TV operator in the AC-130 in death from above, then i realized he has no model.

which way is good?

filsmelt? filefront?