Call Of Duty 4 Spetznas (Opfor)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Spetznas from COD4
[tab]Description:[/tab] Guys who appear in COD4 Ghillie missions.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod, Source Engine Provided Game.
Valve, Infinity Ward, Activision
Porting, Rigging : tlsaudrl2548
Model, Texture : IW

:lol: I’ve ported COD4 Spetznas! who wants this nowadays…
anyways, Please download. and give me a little C&C (about rigging, physics things)


:lol: included 6 models. all of those are fingerposable. no faceposable.
A bonus included (it sucks)

[tab]Download here:[/tab]

Uploaded on 4shared

[tab]Quick Download:[/tab]


Sucky bonus? Oxymoron.

it’s tru.

Thanks these will be great for some of my poses! fantastic! I just wish someone could skin them to be snow camo

unfortunately, there are no snow skins for them
thanks anyway

I want the ski mask one for CSS so baaaaaad!

I´ll ask Mr.Smoki! As always

Great models btw!

I got a request:

Can you rip the Ghillied rifle (as a swep)?

Got an image!

A few hours before and you could have saved one of my picture from emptiness. Cool models!

very nice

well…i have it,but for cs 1.6

please up to

Yeah please!

Also for CS:S would be cool with the ghillie sleeves from the original game!

well…i lost it when i reinstalled my computer,but just check this out
it’s there,

Maybe Ragdoll?
I can’t make a swep…

I’m rather surprised the one with the balaclava is wearing a Chicom AK chest rig.

These models would work pretty well for the soviet war in afghanistan era Specnaz, modern chechen irregular fighters, or even for HL2 rebels.

Hey tlsaudrl2548, is it possible for you to make them eyeposable? And hopefully faceposable?

I dunno… but I can make it faceposable.

Dude you gotta upload this somewhere else, 4shared don’t work for me

Meaning what?

Works out fine for me.

How about you port better stuff like from metro2033

How about you do it yourself, or you can just get out :slight_smile: