Call of Duty Advance Warfare [WIP] "Next-gen Kevin Spacey"

I don’t have the multiplayer as I own a repacked copy of Advanced Warfare but I did notice that some of the SP models are missing normal maps and in that case I use crazy bump to recreate them

As far as having the weapons below I believe those are MP weapons… I will be adding multiple batches of models here (23gb to be exact) do your more then welcome to dig around. I also will be starting a thread with BOPS 3 sound files

Speaking of MP. Has anyone had any luck getting the textures for the MP operator parts?

Need The Some High Poly Models (viewmodels) From AW … Don’t Get Lime64 Working With My AW Version
First Is The Pistol “RW1”. Preferred From The Singleplayer …
The RW1 Only Appears Once, In The Campaign Level “Fission”, Next To One Of Dead Security Guards Inside The Building After Destroying The Titan.
Also Want To Have The New “Old” Weapons Too
M1911 (Update), M1 Irons (Update), AE4 (Havoc DLC), STG44 (Update), AK47 (Update), M16 (Update), MP40 (Update), SVO (Update)
Hope Someone Could Help Me Out. Thanks In Advance !!!


N - 45 seems in the playing files of m990

Was the US Marine Dress Uniform ever released at all?

This one:

I’ve been trying to look for it everywhere but cannot seem to find it. Also, on a related note, were meshes from Call of Duty: Black Ops II released at all? I was looking for Wood’s USMC dress uniform too:

no excuse for don’t port lennox in gmod:

Did anyone have COMPLETE RW1 v_model? I found one as replacement for CSS and somebody gave me one, but both have missing black parts.
This is model that I have (textures WIP):

And this is how it should look:

Multiplayer weapon please, smd or obj format (XMG, Ripped laser/rocket remote turret,minigun red square, exo launcher “wrist mounted”, heavy shield)

This is a old thread but i did release the remote turret with all 3 variants on my Deviantart page with some other models

can release please laser turret and rocket turret? minigun remote turret i already have in my computer. thanks.

I already did it’s on my deviantart page

got it!, can you also rip out this model? thanks for model.

Does anybody here have rips of the Sten and M1 Garand?

Sten + M1
View and World models in .ma, .obj., mesh.ascii, .xmodel_export and textures .tiff

You’re amazing, thank you so much!
Okay, I hate to bug you again, and this is probably the wrong topic to ask this in, but any chance you’ve also got the PPSh from Black Ops III?

I can do this, but im not in home now

That’s totally fine, take your time :slight_smile:

PPSH + Extended Mag

Thanks again, your hard work is always appreciated! I’ll be sure to let you know if there’s anything else that I’m looking for, since you seem to be pretty damn good when it comes to porting COD models.

killer xD please upload this awesome gun and heavy shield, i waiting this so loong