Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Seal

Name: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Seal

Description: half-dead’s blops heads, seal from the bo2, ripped by luxox_18, body grouped


Nice Work Guy



Cheers yo.

Well, I guess whoever wanted Crosby can have him now.

fuck yes

really neat

Is it just me, or does it look like they just reskinned/added a few models to the MW3 Deltas.


This is Call of Duty. Of course they recycled models. New models? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

if you look carefully they even used the same death animations

CoD recycles tons of content. Vehicles, map props, character models (generic soldiers) and yea, even the anims. Compare the part in MW3 where you have to carry McMillan and then the part in BO2 where you carry Woods. Yeap.

Here comes the dumbfuck newbie crowd from the BF3 thread spewing shit about how CoD always reuses the same stuff and how you carry McMillan in MW3, even though it’s COD4.

This is how flamewars start, could you just stay on topic and praise the amazing work Minson did instead of being retarded about CoD Reuses (Which doesn’t matter at all since CoD:BO2 isn’t a bad game, at all)?

Oh look another braindead guy. Because I rip models of BF3 means I prefer BF3? Did I ever say so? Hmm, let me see


Hm, didn’t found my quote saying so.

Calling me a newbie, yet you yourself has less than 500 posts
ooh, number of posts doesn’t say anything
At a certain point it does, your childish behaviour doesn’t make it any better by simply insulting a random member. Well done “dumbfuck oldie” (to say it in your words)

Thanks for showing your intelligence level, made my day a little better.
It’s guys like you who get threads derailed even more. Noticed?


while you spew incoherent words out of your butt

at any rate, great work minson, the ports look great

Hm, let me think.

There was a question.

I answered to this question.

Got insulted and pointed out as fanboy for my response.

But hey, take it as you wish. You know, you can rate someone’s post. By rating the post as “Winner”, I’m showing that I liked the work. No need to create 20 pages of “I like it” posts. Also, if you took the above post as offtopic already… sheesh, you seem to have seen much less in your long time than I did in my few weeks.

And to give it an on-topic look, like most of you guys tend to do aswell:

Nice work with the soldiers, you gave it a more lively look than they have in CoD. May get my hands on reskinning some of those with some digital desert style or marine blue. And maybe I’ll rip some more models to rig.