Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Models Requests.

Hay guys what’s up, I was wondering if their are any CoD: Bo2 Zmb Models you would like? This is for Zombies only, Wall weapons - Box Weapons - Wonder Weapons - Characters - Zombies etc. Which include TranZit, Die Rise, MoTD and Buried. I also may include some sound files.

I am new to Facepunch and I hope I can make you all happy. I also hope I don’t fuck up in anyway, like creating threads in the wrong category or misleading you.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Hey man,
I’ve been trying but I’m stupid and I can’t seem to get these flipping models I want, so to here that someone knows how to get them is the best news I can hear right now.

I’m trying to get all 4 of the characters from Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried etc. So: Misty, Marlton, Russman and Samuel.

They’re the basis but possibly some of the zombies, buried and/or Tranzit.

Some weapons: Ray Gun, War Machine, Hamr, RPG, PDW, New Model Army, AN94.

Or if you’re just doing a pack with everything then this doesn’t matter, but thats most of the stuff I would like to see.

Have a nice day to you to :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, I shall get them now. If their is anything else you need feel free to message or comment. :smiley:

Thanks for offering to help out, MangoSlice. I’ve been looking for the Black Ops II zombies characters for ages!

Okay three things, I am not sure if I hit the right reply button since their are two. Secondly I accidentely marked your comment as funny. :v third: Is there anything else I can get you from CoD: Bo2 Zombies?

Just wanted to ask,
When will we be able to download these models?
I’m planning on getting them into SFM (Source FilmMaker) and I’m not sure how long it will take.

Thanks anyways, you’re a big help.

Hopefully today. Do you want me to create specular maps? since the program I am using doesn’t export spec maps yet.

Whatever works for you, I don’t mind.

Misty is almost done. I am working on the weapons first since they are easier to texture and more fun. But all of you will get what you came here for. :slight_smile:

Rinfect, go away!

hello can u export this things :slight_smile: ?

MOTD :- Brutus
- Blundergat
Buried : - Paralyzer
- Ray Gun Mark II
- Remington
- Ghost’s

Thank you ^^

Yes I can, quick question though since the weapons have two versions of the models, they have the third person view which is incredibly low res, then there is the first person view which is higher res but for some guns it has parts missing like the parts you do not see. Would you like both anyway? :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: Thank you man :slight_smile:

The Giant from Buried?

Ray Gun Mark II -

Also includes Pack-A-Punch version! Which looks kinda shit.

Link -

Enjoy. :wink: I shall post more soon. Possibly tomorrow or maybe even today, I’m not entirely sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’m putting together the ray gun for use in SFM now :wink:
I have a feeling the character models are going to take way longer to put into SFM than the weapons.

The post ratings LITERALLY mean nothing, dude. Stop getting worked up over them.

Also, I honestly think the ray gun looks better when it’s pack-a-punched. That’s just my opinion though.

I am working on the Paralyzer.

Rinfect does that in a lot of threads. They’re just little images that mean absolutely nothing. And to my knowledge, you can’t block people from viewing or posting the thread unless you’re an admin and ban the user from the site. Just ignore the ratings and move on.

Haha yeah.

I kind of got the Ray Gun into Source Filmmaker, but I must’ve gone wrong on the textures somewhere.
Need to write down which texture goes to which part, as its a 4 part model.
I’ll get back to it, thanks for the model again :wink: