Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Models

Can someone please help me. I am working on my zombies map and I wanted to use the bo3 models for the perk machines. Also I’m working on a script for the gobblegum machine and would greatly appreciate it if someone sent me that model too. Thanks.

Are you blind? They are literally in the thread below this one…

I am looking for the bo3 perk machines and gobblegum machine

OK buddy. That’s nice :slight_smile:

please check through the thread linked above in the 4-6th pages, they include the models you’re seeking.

You’re from ugx. Thanks btw.

Sorry to open up an old thread but I’m also looking for the BO2/3 perk-a-cola machine models like HyperFirez. Does anyone have access to these as I’ve searched Google and can only find fan-made models and those from BLOPS 1. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey, this feels a little weird to ask since im new, but can anybody rip the zetsubou no shima zombies?