Call of duty Black ops all downloadable content zombies?

Anyone please like to make all the black ops zombies portable to garrysmod it would be great if you could. I know Half-Dead created the spetnaz zombies but there pretty plain.

do you mean just the models, or models and rigging, or models, rigging, and coding?

Judging from how simple he seems to think it all is, and his casual dismissal of Half-Dead’s work, I’d say he means fully rigging the models, and making exact replicas of the NPCs as they were in codblops.

Just put into ragdolls and possibly as a plus get these turned into ragdolls: Or at least just the Russian Gilli suited marine from world at war turned into a player model. You may see this in the link iv provided. I need something like that for PAC2. Wouldent happen to know you could? Id be greatful if you could

And for the record who said i thought it was going to be simple im no noob at this shit i know how it works…however its to time consuming and complicated. Id rather someone else do it and give full thanks and credit when its ever released, because i know who ever they is can create this much faster than i ever could. As for Half-Dead he makes some nice models i will agree, but I just got bored with the spetnaz models, they arent really something id play around with.

Make me a Dodge Challenger irl from scratch. I will give you a photo of it and maybe a wood model. All free of course, i will say you made it… For 12 seconds.

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