Call of Duty black Ops Character Model (Full)

I leave the models of the spetsnaz undercovers in format .max 9 (3ds max 9)

(contains the same error)

Anybody know any other software capable of capturing models?

I use:

-3d ripper dx (the best, but fail in the uvw)

-3d via printscreen (fail in call of duty black ops)

-3d paintbrush (fail in call of duty black ops)

-3d ripping (fail in call of duty black ops)

if anyone knows any other software I’ll be thankful :slight_smile:

Well, you can try Game Assassin, but it costs like $60… I think there’s a trial for it. There’s a tutorial on this thread too.

I have game assasin full version but is very difficult to use and so far gives me the same error.

Most likely every ripper will give you the same error. Since they rip in more or less very similar ways.

Thanks for the models. Will be useful in the future. :slight_smile:

3DRipper DX doesn’t fail in UV maps, You just need to set the texture to another channel, sometimes the 6th channel works best, try it, it worked for the arm rigs, why not the character models? Black Ops uses a diferent way to load textures, something like BC2, usually you see the textures rendering in-game, that’s the UV maps updating the textures to another channel, Treyarch tried to hide the UV maps, but channel 6 is the correct way to get the textures working :stuck_out_tongue:

And? … You can’t export this to .3ds or another format.

Maybe you can’t, but I can… and what? you are being a jerk you know?

He’s not being a jerk, he is simply being skeptical.

Anyways, se7en2 is right. You can export with the UV maps intact. You have to copy the 6th channel to overwrite the 1st channel, which is what 3DS Max and games mostly use.

This mean we can get this whole pack of exported models with proper textures now?

could you please explain as he did in a step by step description.I tried to load the textures in the different channels but does not effect , maybe I’m doing wrong the work.

I would be very grateful if I could explain


“you are being a jerk you know?” Thanks …

I got it!

I know I sound stupid but is most stupid who does not ask

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fixed the bug!!! thank you very much to the people who made this possible.

soon I will publish the models absolutely correctly.



Who know why my console won’t work in singleplayer? I made all with config (read only to).

wait please , I upload my configuration file

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put in the folder named “players”

This whole thread is filled with broken English.

LOL …sorry for my bad english please . I’m trying to perfect my english

seams like we’re getting these models done, great work everyone

Man I plan on doing some terminator 2 poses with the biker cop.