Call Of Duty Black Ops DLC Character Models


Models in .FBX format without bones



see the first thread: (multiplayer models has been included)

Can you rip the survivors too? Including FIVE and CotD?

Why dont you rig them then upload im sure people with no rigging abilities will be more then happy to download these

Have you even asked if he has any Rigging abilities?

Dat George A. Romero.

SWEET MOTHER OF AEIOU! someone get that astronaut.

i’d like to see survivors

After a long wait… Outstanding work luxox! Outstanding…

I don’t rigging the models because takes too long and I have no patience

It’d be cool to have George and Zombie George in Gmod.

God I’d be greatful if someone rigged these…been looking for resurrection zombies for some time now…and fallen fuck off troll. Nice works Luxor, I’ve been watching over your works for a little must say nice. I have found a Rigging tut I’m going to try putting all my time into it with your models. All credit goes to you thanks a lot. And please Keep making more CoD stuff hah…

Thanks for this great release :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree with you more.

Now that you bumped this might as well ask, Is there any way to get the Danny Trejo and the rest of the character models from Call of the Dead?

I have to agree with some of the posters above… Could you get the survivors of Cotd aswell? You did a good job on the others.

Just send them a PM, this thread’s been dead since the end of 2011.