Call of Duty: Black Ops Urban Spetsnaz

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Call of Duty: Black Ops Urban Spetsnaz

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab]Urban Spetsnaz from Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer. come in 2 flavors. Normal and Zombie. Full of skin and body groups and faceposable.

Thanks to luxox_18 for figuring out how to rip these bastards

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Black Ops

[tab]Part 1:[/tab]

[tab]Part 2:[/tab]

[tab]Hand Fix:[/tab]

[tab]Bodygroup Changer:[/tab]


Pics are slightly outdated


Actually looking at them again, these are fucking awesome.

Posted a hand fix because i’m and idiot and was to eager to post them so i missed it

thanks for the credit :smiley: good work!!!

Looks awsome

I think it would be better to put the Zombies in a seperate pack, since I think there is a handful amount of people that want just only the Zombies.

But ignore my post if they are seperated.


Sweet half. These were the ones i was looking forward to the most.

could u upload this at Gamefront??My Pc Wont download from

warez much?


some model testing.

Buy Garry’s mod, then you’ll be able to download from

Can you upload this on any warez

Well, I don’t know.

i buy it dude,But My connection sucks,It wont download From certain websites

Where is your steam profile? I get a 404, and I can’t find you by your steam id page name either.

Damn it. I’ll fix it in a bit

Great work!

If I was a General secretary of the USSR, I gave you a Medal of a hero of the Soviet Union. :smiley:
Good job.