Call of Duty Character models with correct uvw.

All Character Models here:

07/14/2012 Tropas camo model (c_cub_tropas_mp_body_camo.rar)

Steiner Young

Dragovich old

Russian enginner

Kravchenko old

Reznov MACV

Reznov Prisoner

Mason int. Body

Spetznas Winter Camo

Cia Camo (multiplayer)



Spetznas Undercover

The Bloody T-shirt body it would be perfect for short sleeved citizens v2.

Very useful! Good job.

It’s 2.5 gigs? Lordy.

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It has bump maps and speculars as well?

That’s right … there are 4 textures type per model

( one character can have up to 9 models)

Nice work with this, only thing I don’t like is that on a lot of the models that have faces are making some sort of face, instead of having a default blank stare which would be easier to work with for facepoising.

I didn’t dl it yet, you uploaded them so we can rig and port right? If so, I am doing this one.

I’m blind… disregard my question.

I appreciate your work. You have done alot of work for us. That’s really awesome.

There’s a really nasty seam running down some of the models’ arms that you posted. Is that a product of the model viewer, or is it some unfixable texture issue?

That ain’t a seam. You just gotta weld the vertices there and apply one smoothing group.

-snip, lol didn’t read-

The Cuban soldiers from Multiplayer don’t seem to be present, I only see a txt file in that folder. Some of the Cuban rebels from multiplayer are missing aswell.

these models were not available…but if you notice the models are the same as single player (some models)

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is why the head models were repeated many times…if you want the American and Russian heads models review the multiplayer folder(no main characters)

for the main characters the heads models are repeated several times, find the correct.

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**separate question

for those things in life,someone is interested in Wolfenstein 2 (2009) models ???

Tell me if you are interested by pm


Aww :frowning: I was hoping to get the Cuban cloak guy.

Are the characters from the zombie map pack like Danny Trejo or Sarah Michelle Gellar included?

Can someone pack JUST the SOGs and the NVA/Vietkong plz? I don’t want to dl 2 gigs worth and 24 parts (40 mins per dl).

Thanks in advance if anyone cares enough to read this and help :slight_smile:

I just want Robert Englund.

dude,can you upload this file to Filefront?To be honest,I can’t open this download link,sorry

and Danny Trejo

Are these gmod ready?