Call of Duty Finest Hour and Call of Duty 3 Character Models

Models in .obj Format (low poly and textures in low resolution)

***Call of Duty Finest Hour


***Call of Duty 3


Wow finest hours ragdolls are so high res for a ps2 game, also great work.

I guess they are not rigged right?

Oh god, that Gasmask Ruskie.

So I guess CoD “classic” and its expanison is next up? :slight_smile:

Yeah, port from UO!!:smiley:

Awesome work!
Call of Duty: Finest Hour is my fav COD game ever!

Oh look it’s Call of Duty when it wasn’t shit.

Can you port the tank models from Finest Hour too ? It would be insteresting, just saying.

All Call of Duty 3 Character models Available (Again)
note: with correct smoothed groups