Call Of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC "PREDATOR"

Hi I tried several Tools (I could only get some “corrupted textures” and my computer lacks a direct x 11 card so I can’t even run the dammed game so I could extract it using Lime…

I tried using the cra0kalo’s CoD G Tool set and while I extracted the “imagefile65.pak” which stores the textures (corrupted but most pred files are there fine) I can’t open the .ff files where the models are stored (If I read correctly .ff files have the models right?) aparently the main game .ff I can get a zone file but from .ff’s from dlc gives erros and crash the game

so please can some one get me the model, even If it is the static Mesh… I need it for a school animatic I’m making in lightwave (and I also need some of the geometry to finish parts of the preds costume)


just color files since look at the freaking file size!!

Predator normal model (46MB)

predator with more detailed 1st person hands (73MB)

all the dammed textures in case you want bumps and specular maps… (200MB)

MAYA FILES (updated)

there you have it let the porting begin… or something…
as always thanks to “tom” for his ripping tool, To Lilrobot for his advice and COD developers… they made a better job than the guys at SEGA…

OK now I have a DX11 card and I can get some stuff via Lime64, now since I royally suck at this game (COD has never been on my tastes) I got the game on a steam sale… all I need is for someone to help me… all they have to do is kill me several times in a private match until the predator event is triggered and I can rip the OBJ/Maya files… please is somebody interested, as soon as I get the files I’ll post the raw files…

if interested steam account is… frankaster or frankaster_1138 im not sure… I have no idea what I’m doing

just start the map “Ruins” in a private lobby, it loads the model when you start the map.

I tried that but the model is nowhere to be found…
so should I let the game(unlimited) to last longer in order to Lime64 scans the whole thing
or is something Im missin on the config file?

i’m sure if you just set your filter to “predator” it will find it.

look 1st post…

I can give it a go… I got Michael Myers out, so this shouldn’t be too much trouble…

also added maya src rips… I don’t have maya but apparently they have bones and weights

Any chance you could share that? That’s be awesome.

You didn’t include the .mel files which had the weights info

Somebody ported him to xnalara right here

Is there any difference between this model and the plenty of Predators that have been ported already?

You beat me to it. That was me. I can still share the raw files though if that makes life easier… Pwr converted it to XNALARA for me.

Its the higgest quality -game ready version of the 1st movie’s creature… shame it lacks a face.

UPDATED source files, let me know if they’re fine now…

Are the normals fixed?

I checked. The .mel files aren’t in there.

ok sorry re-uploaded old folder, this is the actual one with mel files