Call of Duty - Ghosts: Federation Personnel + Bogus Bonus

Well most of them, at least. I wasn’t able to do the scuba feds after all because the breathing tubes were too much of a pain. The Astronauts and Hazmats have this weird ass feature where their helmets and headgear are rigged to the neck bone for some reason. So I decided to put them off. Either way, I couldn’t have done this without my g-money Ninja Nub, and without a ton of others for testing them for me.

Amazingly beautiful pics were done by Viper123_SWE, Elcard100, and someone not from FP.[/t]

I know DxN did the PMC Elite already, and it’s OK if you believe he did a better job on them than I did. But I still wanted to throw the ArmA 3 heads on there because good grief they’re that good.

However, due to this being Ghosts, the models themselves are insanely detailed which means they have HUGE textures and filesizes because if there’s one thing that Ghosts did right, it’s that their models are ~insanely good~. I had to split this up into a bunch of parts. You can get them below.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.
Part 5.

If you don’t have my Inner Circle dudes, you will need this as it contains their facemaps. These models share it with them.

Also, I do have a to do list regarding the other stuff in Ghosts as I had to rush this one a little.

To do:

  • Increase SFM user friendliness with my ports n’ shit.
  • Female federation soldiers/elites/plainclothes operators.
  • Fix up the astronaut/hazmat feds.
  • Fix the scuba feds.
  • Port the Ghosts/US Rangers.

~BONUS TIME!~ I also come with a bonus: The Tropas from Blops 1 and 2. **~BONUS TIME!~
Pics done by Jimmies, Rama, Elcard, and albino.


Nab them here.


You Did a great job on these F T Amazing release


You’ve really improved your craft recently, good work on stepping up your game.

Oh. Oh my God.

To hear that from someone as talented as you, it’s very touching.

Holy fucking shit, finally.

Nice work.

Wonderful Job! Looks absolutely beautiful!

Wow fantastic works

Beautiful Work Comrade!

Also, It was a pleasure to help with Beta testing of the Fed 2015 Troops while I’m at it.

forgot to give you my picture

this is so awesome

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forgot to give you these two

Hot damn I’m loving all these looks so awesome Keep it up. Have a winner.

another soldiers models … hoorauuhhhhhh

This is a cry of my soul, that we got another set of soldiers. But in reality, you did a good job! Of course, these dudes will be very usefull in some rways and you have worked for good reason. Thanks to some parts that others don’t have. Nice done!

Amazing release, one of your best so far.

Well done, these are going to be quite useful.


Oh F T, baby, you made my day! Fantastic release!

Are you going to release the Black Ops 2 OP Just Cause SEALs? They would go really well with the Tropas.

yess, great job man!

Here is a thing - these guys are great FT. Probably my favourite soldier models so far.

I made another pic with your guys yesterday but you cant really see them well.