Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare models Thread

If you have some models put 'em here, I’m going to put mine up.
Keep it related to Infinite Warfare, but CoD4 Remastered is allowed as well, but as far as I know, theres no support for Remastered… yet.

I’ll take requests but don’t expect me to do much, as I’m in school now.
Ethan, the robot from the campaign.

Nora ‘Salt’ Salter, protagonist’s girlfriend pretty much

Sorry if theres already one of these threads out there.

just curious are these ninja ripped?

Can you get the Jackal, by any chance?

don’t think so since they are extracted from the pack

gonna rig the ethan one

Can’t believe this is out already. My mind’s on Titanfall 2, but it’d be interesting to have the advertised ships from the campaign trailer and the multiplayer models.[/t]

Vehicles and mechs would be pretty cool.

i believe that his materials should be darker? even if i turn off shaderless, he still looks a bit bright

Given the size of the ships, we are better off waiting until someone makes a map off them.

Nobody is going to make a map of them. If a big, highly popular series like Mass Effect took such a long time to get maybe one or two kind of decent maps of small parts of the ships, I can guarantee you IW has no chance whatsoever. The ships could easily be ported as props and that’s all they’re ever going to be.

I’ve kind of fallen off the CoD porting bandwagon, since the tools got much less intuitive and I didn’t care about anything from the past 3 games, but I’m now totally back on board for the CoD4R stuff. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of the tools and methods being used?

Even if they don’t work for CodD4R yet, just knowing what I’m supposed to be looking for would help.

Well the thing is, I have waited ages for a decent spaceship map, and if I have to port it myself, I will.
Plus props that big would be almost as useless as the gears 2 giant worm I ported, maps are the best bet here.
You can try Wraith, not sure if it has been updated for IW/MWR yet.

You know you don’t have to make them full scale props, right?

All of the Mass Effect ships (and most of the other spaceship props) have been compiled with varying scales so they’re actually useful. There’s no need at all for a full size model of something like that, it’s unnecessary and impractical to use.

I do. But we could also use some full scale spaceship maps, we already have small spaceship props.
And yes, I know about the dozens of “star destroyer” maps on the workshop, I just think we need something more generic that can be used for any sci-fi setting, not just star wars.

I suppose IW’s generic and uninspired enough to suit that role perfectly.

If the ship interiors are tilesets or even just exportable models then it would be doable, but I don’t think anyone has the patience to painstakingly reconstruct the maps from individual props and textures if they’re like traditional CoD maps.

That’s exactly what I have been trying to do however. I do not care how long it could take, I can be pretty patient when working on stuff like this.

It’s actually why I like the aesthetic there, you can use it in any context.
Your comment does remind me how Infward actually wanted to make a franchise out of IW.

Can someone upload Ethan as FBX or SMD version with skeleton?

I can make do with scenebuilds if that’s what it takes. IW’s designs may not be totally inspired, but they could be situational for anything sci-fi related.

-snip retracts my original statement-

How to convert this textures, nothing appear in photoshop, or the DDS converter !!??
Nora Textures are all Black ???

What I wanna know is if the model files for the dress uniforms are somewhere in the game. I’d love to port those if possible.

Maybe we can get some new generic heads from IW now that those A3 heads are basically not usable anymore. It seemed like there’s also a pretty good generic female head in IW.

the UNSA marines would be pretty cool to have, same with the ship crewmen, flightdeck sailors and marines without their combat gear on that’s something alot of people could get use out of I think.