Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare -C series robot Gmod Ragdolls-(warning lot of images)

<Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare -C series robot Gmod Ragdolls->

Bone Merger is necessary. or easy bone merger.

<steam workshop>

Pic by lonefirewarrior

-Basic finger posing.
-C6 with Bodygroups and bonemerge tool can be replace its body,leg arm and head parts.
-C6 parts models has skin and body groups.(destroyed parts,and other skin.)
-The white armor ones can be recolor with color tool.

-C8 and C12, to use them as ragdoll, bonemerge is necessary.
-Weapon shield and effect can be mergeable.
-The effect parts is poseable with joint tool.

-All files are standalone does not need each other.[/t]

[t][/t] [t][/t]

Assemble example
Those six models are same ragdoll but with bone merge and color tool.


IW dev team

-model / texture / Basic skeleton and weightmap
infinite ward team
-The concept is created by Aaron Beck.


-Export tool “wraith”
by DTZxPorter
-cap camouflage textures
-some QC file provieded.

thank you all testers,




More preview by Viper123_SWE from here!


It was very nice to test these, amazing work!

I’ve been waiting for a release on these robots and I can’t believe how awesome they look. Seriously awesome job!

Holy moly you can tell so much effort went into these, amazing work!!

Just gave these bad boys a spin… and I am thoroughly impressed. Though I haven’t played IW (and never will), I will admit that the robots are pretty cool, and I knew it was a matter of time before they got ported. Now my Federation boys are gonna have some robot buddies! :dance:

Thanks you!

Finally we can get some Aaron Beck goodness in source, thank you!

yeees thanks to cod iw team and tools author, its finally.
i love his design.

Wow, this is very awesome model robots. God i love garry’s mod.


Here is mirror link

I’m new to this but can someone please help me out with information on how to open these files in a 3D software such as Maya, Max, C4D, ect…? Pointing me to a Tutorial or giving me a brake down on how to do this, I will highly appreciate the help. Thanks

Im lovin’ theese!

All i really need now is the Merc rig with all the Heads and Bodies, and compatible with valve_biped_simple.