Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 All Character Models. character models in .3ds format including textures.


All Russian soldiers
All US Soldiers
Brazilian Militia
Afgan Soldiers

Updated…Characters in different packages

(some textures are not available, for example the eye textures) (this topic is old, but there people that not have all models. or simply don’t have any models)

New Link (09/10/2011)

My Missing models:

These models are dedicated to the memory of johncage.

may he shadow kick in the great beyond

We need those Mw2 civilian models.

Man how you did that With MW2? Could you say, how do that.

Nice :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s time to learn modelling…
At least i have somewhere to start.

Can you rip some models for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault?

Good job

Finally, someone makes the civilians available. Lookin’ forward to those militia too.

Wow. Cool, thanks. Looking forward for ghillies from MP.

You need to rip some World at War Japanese since you seem to do these CoD ports quite well.

And Marines, can’t forget the Marines.

You can port WaW models so ripping would be a waste of time

You are kinda late imo
thanks tho

somebody could rig the Soap from cliffhanger?

Yeah things that I made today.

Really nice. Can you make some moar russians and rangers?

Fix the bumpmaps and wrists, btw.

Rangers, Shadow Company etc. have already been released. Honestly, focus on the things that have not yet been ported to Source.

Is there prisoner 627?

Would it be possible to upload several different packs containing characters of a specific type/mission instead of one massive Part 1 file and then a small Part 2 file? I think it would be a lot more useful for people who don’t want to sift through a large download just to find one or two models.