Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Shadow Company

Shadow Ops
five finger - Done
rig - Done

Wow, isn’t that rimlighting abit extreme? :wink:

Oh my god! I have been requesting this since like last week thank god!
Are you also a big fan of how Shadow Company looks?

With your permission when this is released may i turn it into an npc and if so can you rig it with animations?

Looking good, but i would really like to see those russian paratroopers.

yep i think Shadow ops is BEST in the mw2! hehe
this models use custom rig bone so if change animations or npc, u can see an autobot.
SC.ops pack is not done just wait to beta version please:-)

Thanks for showing us.

It’s not like you are ever going to release it.

Ya, would be nice if these were actually released.

release. please.

yes i promise it

:toot: it’s party time bros :toot:

Yeah! CHL407 is going to release it! I love you. :slight_smile:

*voice of Snake in Metal Gear Awesome *

Wow, awesome !

russian paratroopers would be nice too

NICE!!I can see these in loads of pics already.

Awesome, they could be really useful for posing but yeah, there’s too much light (Better than my bumpmaps, still).

Very nice job, is there any chance that your airborne models will be released?

Does this mean you gave up on Crysis? I hope not,I was really looking forward to them,and so did the others :C

Did you rip them using the dxripper or is there a way to extract them from the game?

all McTavish, Ghost and Price models. Please.

Oh and ghillie, and shepard.

damn you i was going to do that