Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 [Some guys storm a building]

I tried to create an accurate depiction of the Online aspect of this game.

You forgot the guy javelin glitching.

I was going to do that but the fixed it already.


Instead, I did the danger close player.

While on tactics of entering a building spam flashes then go in with a m1014 btw poses are good

I reuploaded with the random smoke clouds that seem to persist in every indoor environ.

Needs more lag and host migration.
They should also have dollar bills flying out of their bodies and be hittin them joints 420 bob marley erey day
MW2 is so deep & srs RIP Ghost T_T T_T T_T

The pose is great, but I think that barrel smoke effect needs to be a bit more subtle, less opacity.

That’s not even close, there is atleast 20x more bullshit then that, pfft, not even close. Still, pretty good. Oh, and have a guy actully trying to be a good (normal) player, but being that it’s MW2 and the most realistic game because COD4 “wasn’t” apparently- anyways, he gets his ass kicked by some 10 year old who had commando and jumped from a building and knifed him 10 feet away from farting a afterburner. I mean, it’s the only logical explination for all this.


Hey, where’s that RPG from? Or is that just the standard one from an odd angle?

They use Thumpers, not the AT-4. :science:

The grenadier seems kinda off, but other than that, decent pic.


Psh. I don’t like the 1887.

Now, the Ranger or AA-12…

(Which is funny, since no one seems to use the AA-12 except me…)

And as mentioned above, the double shotty… yeah, never gonna happen in real life.

the terminator dw’d the model 1887’s but he’s a robot so it doesn’t really matter…
What this picture also needs the care package glitcher also

and because it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s jacked.

Is that guy balancing an AT4 on his shoulder? 0_o


Oh wait no I think I can see his hand.

The ranger with the 2 double shotgun looks badass.

The guy on the right, look in his other hand.

didn’t notice that.

What are you waiting for, soldier?


Nice pose and edit. Also why rate me dumb, I hate people who use the dual 1887’s in MP.

Haha nice picture.