Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Tactical Nuke SWEP v1.0

This was made while sick and home from school, and here’s a copy n’ paste of the description;

Inspired by many a SWEP, I present to you my first major scripting piece; A fully functional Tactical Nuke from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!

Primary calls in a nuke at the position your looking at, secondary lets you complete the challenge ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’ (SUICIDE STRIKE), and reload is… well… you’ll see =D

Here’s a rushed video for you! ->

Credit goes to…
Me, for the final script and overall SWEP
teta_bonita, for the nuclear airstrike I based this off of
deathdealer142, for telling me how to add the SLAM animations
Infinity Ward for the sounds, and for MW =D

Stay frosty, GModders.

Things to add…
-Custom Model (Actual CoD Killstreak switch rather than S.L.A.M., thanks to capcat for reminding me^^)
-Client side screen effects (Timer, killstreak announcement when taken out, exp bonus, etc.)
-More sounds added to reload function
-Possible use for reload function other than annoying other players =P

Download it here !

It’s quite good for V1 actually, needs a countdown overlay

Even though this seems a 5 second swep it does actually look pretty good

Yeah, I didnt spend too horribly long on it ^^;

Once I make a .vtf for it, and figure out exactly how to do it, I’ll throw that in =P

So you changed the model and animations of the nuke air strike from nuke pack 4 and added some sounds? This would be much more release worthy if you did the to-do list.

Hey, make it so it will be host timescale 0.5/6 when the nuke explodes and when you die the slow motion stops

It’s good but all it needs now is a actual custom explosion.

Wow, good for a first swep. I like the custom icons you did for it, that’s nice.

And the sounds.

But yeah, it does need a different explosion and countdown overlay, but for a beginner that is a bit much.

I wish someone could make a nuke like the one from GM_temple, but I think that’s only possible because it’s part of the map.

Did any of this code come from Teta_Bonita?


Me, for the final script and overall SWEP
teta_bonita, for the nuclear airstrike I based this off of

way to read bro