Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Team Deathmatch Gamemode *SCRIPTERS WANTED!*

Hey Guys.

I Have got a great idea for a gamemode. It is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Team Deathmatch gamemode.

What I am going to put in the gamemode:
-When you die, a box that says “Click to Spawn”
-A Map voting system at the end of each 10 minute round
-Alot of guns from the real game
-And, If I can get alot of good scripters, a Experience system. You unlock guns as you gain levels.
-If we can get into good development, we can add different gamemodes.

What type of scripters I need:
Three Experienced LUA Coders
Three Mappers
Four Modelers
And Two BETA Testers.

Interested? Email Me at, and I will reply with what you can start working on.

Everyone that helps with this script will get full credit, and will become admin on the server hosting the gamemode.

I can be a beta tester if you want i have lots of spare time.

Isn’t this the same guy from a month ago? No one is going to help because most of facepunch hates MW2.