Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles and Civilians

Hey guys, I was playing Modern Warfare 2’s airport level and thought that some of the planes and civilians would be very useful in GMod. As I well know there is a serious shortage of civilian aircraft models and modern day civilians. These models would be a great use to picture creators, and I have been looking high and low for a few good modern aircraft.

Another suggestion would be to take some of the cars and trucks from the various levels, and mabye give them multiple models, one with the doors open for each, or perhaps just a bodygroup for it. If you need some pics, here are a few of these levels containing the models:

Boeing 727

Boeing 737

Boeing 747



Sorry for the fairly low quality shots, my PC doesn’t handle newer games very well, and taking screenshots whle being shot by a few battalions of security guards and riot police isn’t easy.

(Use the magic of left-clicking to make the pictures bigger)

If I remember correctly the civilians in MW2 look like shit. (Not graphically, it’s like they were given shitty clothing)

If I’m wrong then just correct me.

The males look Ok but them woman look like my butch lunch lady.

Yeah, what is with their necks?!

Damn, they’re on the Fallout 3 level of the Uncally Valley Girls.

Anyone interested in taking this on? To be honest, the civilians aren’t really neccesary, they’d jsut be a nice addition.

Well it kinda make’s sense Who’d wanna murder a group of innocent attractive women.

So, er, anyone willing to give this a shot? I can grab some more screenshots from the graveyard level if you need them. I only really need the planes, don’t worry about anything else.

Well, I went ahead and grabbed some more screenies, I included some of the cars and the civvies from the Rio level, who look slightly less crap. Just in case anybody is interested.

Boeing 727 (Graveyard flavour!)


Cars #1


Cars #2


Civilians (New Rio Edition! Collect all 14!)


Civilians #2


This Scion is already ripped and in source already :slight_smile: