Call of duty modern warfare 2 - Winter opfor shooting

This is my second G-mod pose, this time I edited it myself.
Please C&C’s, they are all welcome.

Blurred to hell,and there probably wouldn’t be a muzzle flash if a suppressor was on it

Even suppressors, especially sound suppressors, like that one, don’t completely remove the muzzleflash, and that’s pretty small, so I think it’s good.

It is too blurred, though.

Also, he’s holding the gun to an odd direction (to the left and not straight to the front). You’d think a practiced gunman would aim with the torso, not by tilting the gun and sacrificing stability

Too much innecesary blur, boring angle, generic, shooting something off screen.


what’s wrong with your opfor’s head texture?

I had to download some other mods because first the special glasses had no texture, but the face in the mod is a bit dark.

It’s okay.

Wow, I honestly thought that this was a screen shot from COD4!!

No just kidding, this isn’t worth shit

As bad as it is it gives me relief that there’s ppl worse at poseing than me

If you’re gonna be realism whores then guns pretty much never has a visable muzzle flash, all you get is smoke. Though you may see a little muzzle flash if it’s really dark! But realism SUCKS alot of times and it’s fun and looks pretty to play around with the unreal!