Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Russian Navy Character

Russian Navy Character

max 2009 models
textures yes


Anything :slight_smile:

Anything what? Not trying to be rude here dude, but your opening post doesn’t really tell us much about what you’re wanting. All you say is “Russian Navy Character”, followed by an image and a link, and then ending the post by saying “max 2009 models textures yes”. Is this supposed to be a request?

Has mixed, remove.

i assume its a request to turn it into an ingame model? or just resource if people want to do that?

Certainly to make.

Here you go:

Western propaganda.

It would be actually pretty cool to have these guys ported in source.

I’ve got them already exported from MW3. If you guys want, I can release them alongside my Somali militia ports as a bonus.