Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Models Release Thread

This will be a thread where I release Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered models,
which means I’ll post whatever guns or character models I port here.
And without further ado, here’s the first release!

Black Kit SAS!
Includes the SAS men, a mp5/sd and a usp .45.
Yadi.Sk Link

Credits to:
Raven Software and Infinity Ward for the remaster and the original,
DTZxPorter for wraithtool,
My pals for testing,
Me for porting into source,
and you, for downloading!

Release 2:

Details further down on the page.
Yadi SK link

Release 3:

Details on page 2 Link

More to come soon[sp]ish…[/sp]

Fuck yeah going to love the possibilities.

And all the shitty DarkRP vip custom jobs that are just “Captain Price” or “Soap”

Very nice, I’ll give them a download.

Just spoiled my fucking pants.
Great work

good thing they’re not on the valvebiped then :v:

Fresh to death

Singleplayer G36C please :3

i’ll do it for the appropiate character pack

Someone will find a way, or pay someone on scriptfodder to find a way :v:

Well that was quick, COD4R SAS look so nice, can’t wait to use them.

Oh my fucking god, thank you so much.

Awesome as always! Thanks for porting them, looking forward to more.

Oh wow that was quick. I was expecting you to hold on to these for another 3-4 months. Great port as always! Can’t wait to use these.

Fantastic work as always, Ninja!

Well that was quicker than I expected.

Could you provide the raw ripped files ?

Also, specular map where the gloss map should be in the alpha of the spc .vtf files.

Also also, specular map should be in the normal map channel as well, not the gloss map, for rimlight mask.

The models are amazing but the pictures are so damn snazzy, I love them

Great job as always Ninja!

Quality release as always!

is there a way to get this in c4d

You did an outstanding job on these models, Ninja. Definitely downloading these to use.