Call of Duty MW3 Models

Hello, so yea call of duty mw3 came out lets rip some models for the gmod community ey.

I’m going to attempt it with (thanks H4lf-D3ad)

as that is how the other rips have been done.

Post your progress below as I will post some screenshots as I go on.

please look first before posting

oh nice you started already, you using 3d rippper x?

yep 3d ripper to rip the models and the iwd files to get the textures

the .iwd opens in winrar but the textures are in a different fileformat?

we need loxox_18’s ripped mw3 model pack

ah nice

Whoa. That was fast… And as fast I mean that my life is ruined <:C Nobody will play Nazi Zombies with me!

more generic Russian and American soldiers. just what we all need.


What more could one want?

except the americans,Its the first time we could get a hands on these goddamned tacticool delta force.

Oh gods it doesn’t really matter if they use a desert brown or brown desert colour scheme. In effect most of the models are so much alike you can take one and replace another with it.

There’s only so many ways you can model burly military men with straps and guns.

Their pelvis seems fairly high.

Holy jesus… Finally IW made NORMAL russian soldier without dumb red camo. Can’t fuckin’ wait for release. =P

I am currently working with cheat engine for find the block of memory where you store the animations and disable these.

This will allow me to see the models in t-pose.

Wish me luck :wink:

I can’t believe IW finally managed to get NORMAL proportions.