Call of Duty Operations (Beta)

Hello there everyone, some of you may have seen my server advertisement, so I thought I’d make a gamemode development thread so people can see the progress of the server. Before I get started, I would like to say that this is an Onslaught Evolved, but heavily modded.

Here is a quick explanation to the gamemode for those who don’t know:
-The gamemode is a simple game, in build phase, simply build a fort with teammates including ammo boxes and health dispensers. Once battle mode starts, you may select classes that wield different variety of weapons and vary from different tactics and health/armor/speed. As you kill more enemies, the higher rank you’ll get!

Current: There is a contest right now to those who reach the Chuck Norris rank.

Now, you’ll probably be like, so what’s this different than Onslaught Evolved?

Here are the current features already implemented:
-Over 50 Ranks, branching off the military system. (Except Chuck Norris)
-AC130s and Predator Missiles can be deployed for cash.
-Many classes for its own purpose in battle. (14 Classes so far!)
-Call of Duty 4/Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops Weapons.
-Enemies are spetsnaz modeled, and are AI highly trained.
-RTD System. You may get Godmode/Deathmachine for 20 seconds of rampage!
-Instant Knife. Bind a key to: fastmelee, and you can knife just like CoD!

The gamemode is Beta and still under development for a heavy update once finished.

Here are my progresses (these are not implemented even though some are 100%, they shall be updated daily/weekly: (Ignore the Server Advert progress, it was a bad guess.)
-Customization Menu: 20% Complete.

Here are my thoughts for the customization:
@Primary Weapon
-Strong, bad accuracy.
@Secondary Weapon
@Perk 1
@Perk 2
@Perk 3

-Perk System: 100% Complete. Waiting for Customization Menu.

Stopping Power (Increase damage of weapons by 40%.)
Sleight of Hand (Increase Reload Speed by 50%.)
Double Tap (Increase Fire Rate by 30%.)
Sonic Boom (Increase explosive radius by 20%.)
Steady Aim (Increase hipfire accuracy.)
Last Stand (After reaching 0 HP, alive on ground for pistol (can’t move.) for 5 seconds to get a couple for kills.)
Martyrdom (Drop a grenade on death.)
Scavenger (After 20-30 kills, get a free ammo resupply.)
Commando (Increase knife distance.)
Flak Jacket (Less explosive damage towards players.)
Hacker (Highlight explosives thrown by npcs, players move faster if within radius of a nade or explosive device.)

So that’s what I’m at right now, the server is still fully playable, you may choose many classes, strategize, defend and slaughter, ranging from a variety of weapons and killstreaks (adding more.)



All maps are created by our team. We do not use Onslaught Evolved maps.

-Original Creators of Onslaught Evolved.
-Creator of Eternal Onslaught for Military ranks.
-Guy who made Modern warfare killstreaks. (Deathdealer)
-Moof, re-modding and soon to be adding a full customization.
-My mappers for either super simple blocking maps, to detailed amazing maps.
Server Details: (only takes 10-15 minutes to download content! Bzip2 is amazing! FastDL)
Port: 27015
Slots: 20
Location: Chicago

Content Download:

We are also hiring mappers :slight_smile:

Awesome, I loved the original onslaught, I only have one question: Do you have any plans for a public release later in development?

This just looks like onslaught with a bunch of addons.

It is Onslaught with a bunch of addons, but you don’t see custom made maps and a created Perk System anywhere else. I’m not just adding weapons to it, I’m actually adding codes and tweaks to it.

Added a content download so it’s faster to join :slight_smile:


I’ll be blunt, the mapping needs a lot of work.
There are also a lot of bugs that need fixing with the killstreaks and weapons in general

Yeah I know, we don’t have any professional mappers so our maps are just plain. Though, I already a menu finished for killstreaks instead of spawning and walking over it to use it.


Can i join the team? I will gladly help code and i can map a little… so ill make some maps :slight_smile:

Warning to the OP this guy cant code I don’t even think he can rip without Facepunches help

The server is down :frowning:

Look at the date this was posted on.

Old gmod 12 gamemode, I’m just bumping it so people don’t forget of its existence.

But we will anyway

You’re bumping it cause you hope someone will fix it for gm13.

Nice try

fyi i’m already working on fixing onslaught. most of it’s done

Nah, bumped it so as to see what people would think about it but no one really cares so its better to let it fall down again.

hey man if your not working on this anymore i would love to update and add to this
send me a pm

Oh my god, can we stop bumping old as fuck threads? Every time I see stuff like this, I shit my pants, then realize it was for GM12.