Call of Duty perks: Martyrdom

Martyrdom is something to be cautious of.

(in the first picture he is sprinting around the corner)

(thats a frying pan)

(we all love a little tea-bagging, pay attention to his ass)

(see something?)

I know its a bit poorly done as my camera some how got un-frozen from it place and had to take a different angle for the last shot but C&C for the idea, DOF, posing, and overall humor?

Yes this has happened to me before.


I chuckled, last one is my favorite by far.

Pow! Right in the kisser!

I think there’s too much blur.

Good, though.

I was experimenting with super DOF

I remember doing the CoD4 Perks. You pulled off Matrydom much better.

Your the one that did the perks? I only remember you doing deep impact, double tap, and 3x nades. I didn’t know you did martyrdom as well.

Teabagging in cs XD

I always thought it originated in battlefield 2

I would have thought it started back at the very least in halo

Nice stuff, but why is the guy still on the same spot while the other one laughs gravity in the face? A freaking grenade went of just under his balls.

i cant even tell what the hell is going on with all that blur

I can sorta see some bad posing hidden by blur.

Why does a grenade pop out of his butt… shouldn’t he drop it out of his hand?

har har sarcasm

Yes sir, I did it. But again you pulled this one off better.

And for your information, I also did last stand :stuck_out_tongue:

I see. Kinda boring :confused:

no, really

i can barely tell what’s going on
i recognize the human forms but without you telling me “oh there’s a grenade coming out of his ass”, i wouldn’t have noticed

never use Super DOF again in that capacity



yeah really you don’t need to put dof anywhere past .300

Again it was experimental.