Call of duty: Quick scope

Yeah I was extremely bored, I made this half assed posed. I forgot to fix lighting ingame. Was too lazy to fix it in photoshop. Added some horrible blur, a crappy muzzleflash and a shitty tracer. I shouldn’t even be posting it. But … I am.
Try to enjoy! :smiley:


C&C guys… tear me apart.

Funny how it looks like MW2 than Black Ops.

Yeah the guys being shot are from mw2. I couldn’t find any working links for bops models other then the CIA guys. So the sniper is still black ops :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, where’s the 360 no-scope? But in all seriousness, I find the blood and muzzle flash to be pasted on.

Man I really failed huh? it’s supposed to look like a 360… thats why he’s mid air… fml.

Hardline active

ghost pro, ninja pro and steady aim! That’s how you make the entire enemy team rage quit!

Too bad, the middle guy failed to save his friend by hold bullet in his mouth.

red camo. L96A1 with variable scope.
~PR0 SKilZZ No SC0p3Z~

What’s that? The seventh time today?

This pic could use a disco theme. :smiley:

I think it looks nice, good work!

It should be called Call of Scope: Quick Ops

Needs more filters

What filters?

Every… Damn… Match…
“Lol can noscope so im better tahn you!”
“Nope wasnt noscope dont matter.”

My only question is why is the “Sniper” growing moss on his arm?

that’s because the two black soldiers are FSB Models from MW2.

Editting’s effing boss bro

Prolonged camping.

Bad camera angle. Bad crop on the feet of the foreground characters. I’m a little confused on who’s the focal point and who’s not. The angle of the sniper rifle is a little off because of the way the gun is aimed at the man’s head. Where that gun is aiming is not where the bullet would penetrate the two soldiers.