Call of Duty Texture Pack #1

Here it is. The first Call of Duty texture pack. All textures ported directly from COD4.

And Spartan One
Installation instructions:
Put in your materials folder.

I ported all these textures from COD4, I didn’t remake them. I haven’t tested them all, but they all should work.

Screw crediting me. I just want to see maps with people using them.

I hope you like these ^^. 484 textures OVERALL. 183 MB unzipped.

Nice man, extremely useful

I don’t map but this could revolutionize maps.

Isnt this warez for people who dont own?

No, because it doesnt contain any of the coding, models, sounds, or other things. Just the textures. I don’t think that could be considered Warez.

No, because it’s on source format now

Actually, this is technically IW’s work, and you technically shouldn’t of ported it.

But honestly, who cares.

I will download them and maybe even finish a map!:buddy:

now, onward with the chernobyl maps!

i think this will be as usefull as the hammer itself for mapping :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks alot man!

These will be quite useful.

I tried to upload this on FPSBanana just to see if it would get a few more DLs, (so I know if I should continue making a second pack), and “Sgt_Kick_Ur_Ass” deleted it.

Dun ban me D:… just saying.

make mw2 textures!plz

You fucking moron. This thread is over a year old and you bump it.

Do people still use this?

No reason why not. It still works.

As long as you change it’s color by at least 1 degree (If I can call it like that), it’s your work right now.

They used for some of their textures… for a commercial product, from a free source of textures…yes. This can be somehow be considered as warez, but as they are selling product (game) with free textures for money, then you get the idea :wink: .

God, stop bumping this

Yeah, stop it already.