Call of duty Textures old gen

Good Companions, lately I have been in doubt about how the AAA companies texturized their models in the style of the old generation.

My doubt arises because it has always intrigued me as the Call of duty company in its previous deliveries to the Call of Duty Black ops and as I am a fan of its zombie game delivery because I am very attracted to know the origin of that style of texturing.

Well i think back then it was (kind of) high end texturing.
But technology has developed so now as we look back it looks like they did this on purpose.

Also what is your question (doubt xd) about?
Creating textures or texturing the map itself?

Hey, how about, well, my question is based on how they achieved that tetxurization, the process that would take them as it would seem a projection of real textures on purpose as you say.

High resolution (For the time) textures with actually decent normals and specular maps. Unfortunately the lighting of the time doesn’t really do 'em justice

A lot of older gen textures were authored with only the ‘diffuse’ mask, then put through a normalmap generator, and specular map generator. A lot of photo reference was used.