Call of duty: World at War

i used DOD:S Models too.

I like it, but one of the fingers on the non DOF’d soldier, looks like its clipping.

Looks awesome man


neato good job

cool model testing bro
also you lack finger posing, may wanna fix that

Well that isn’t really a fair competition of other people don’t have the models.

I have my models, and I shared them with some people. But you can’t really have a good competition unless the models are readily available.

Also I notice bad rigging on the actual CoD models you used. :v:

this models not mine :expressionless:


i don’t wanna competition.

where did get those? and that deserves an artistic

Very nice, Is this your pose?

absolutely yes

Tis a nice picture, but CoD just bores me to tears now, I can hardly even play the first level of CoD 5 it’s so samey.

Thats what MP is for

And nazeh zombeh. Or wapenis.


Bloo says there is no thing such as wapenis. But he’s wrong. :v:

Serial dumb rate-er is dumb. Nice.

god just release them already

there i said it

we were all thinking it

I wasn’t. These models are shit compared to mine.

His: Badly rigged non fingerposable models with shitty smoothing.
Mine: Good rig with full fingerposing and bodygroups for attachments.

  • Bloo got germans. WWII germans = sex.

Amirite Leon?