Call Of Duty WWII Beta model request !!

can Someone please rip models from CODWWII Beta

Not happening unless the dev of Wraith Archon updates it to support WWII, which I honestly think that’s not gonna happen.

You can hope that someone else can figure it out, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It’s gonna be updated for WWII, I just saw a thread on his forum asking for donations so that he can buy the game, and he got enough money to get it, plus the open beta is out now.

Thanks for letting us know. I didn’t know if he was gonna update Wraith for WWII.

When the update releases, I’ll start ripping them and uploading them to my Mediafire account.

Weapons, Vehicles, and Characters are the top priority, as per usual.

i believe in you guys

Here is a collage of all the allied character models in the beta, male and female.

What about the axis? Also, who’s the leftmost soldier?

The leftmost soldier is Dutch and you can’t get clear pics of the Axis soldiers because they’re never shown in the lobby.

[sp]playing on the Axis side in a WW2 MP game is offensive according to the devs[/sp]

here’s some pics of the Axis :[/t][t][/t]

Is that a scope shoved through the peep sight of an M1 rifle?

Oh boy I can feel the triggering starting.

It is, all weapons have reflex sights.

any news?

Soon :slight_smile:

can’t wait for the vehicles, heh…

Anyone elses Wraith have a weird game entry? :happy:

Here’s some WWII rifles (All viewmodels):

NOTE: Use Noesis to convert the DDS textures!


M1 Garand:[VM]_M1_Garand.7z

STG 44:[VM]_STG_44.7z

M1 Carbine:[VM]_M1_Carbine.7z

Here comes the requests…

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M3A1 Grease Gun:[VM]_M3A1_Grease_Gun.7z


Type 100:[VM]_Type_100.7z

Waffe 28:[VM]_Waffe_28.7z

Thompson M1928:[VM]_Thompson_M1928.7z

Not at PC currently. What format are they in, are the textures included, and are the UVs intact?

The textures are in DDS files. I believe the UVs should be intact, but I haven’t checked yet.

my wraith isnt exporting textures for some reason, or there is something special to export textures?


Lewis gun:[VM]_Lewis_Gun.7z

MG 15:[VM]_MG15.7z



Model 1897:[VM]_Model_1897.7z

M30 Luftwaffe Drilling:[VM]_M30_Luftwaffe_Drilling.7z

Walther Toggle Action:[VM]_Walther_Toggle_Action.7z

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Mauser C96:[VM]_C96_Mauser.7z

Weapons anims: