Call of Duty: WWII Model Request

I saw the beta one, but obviously, that was for the beta. I was wondering if people could get more character models, weapons, vehicles, and scenery such as bunkers and houses from the game. This would be very helpful if you could.

The beta assets have been DMCA’d,I am just wondering if Activision will continue to do so more on subsequent raw assets from WWII retailed release.

I ripped some models, have a look

I have interest on the Cod: WW2 SP Metz - I need only the winter coat.
Thank you !

I’m not releasing download yet

Can you send me the obj and texture file to:

Thanks !
I have also thousands of models - if you need ! I have them all…

Need this for my free Order of Battle mod here:


It would be cool if someone ripped models like the bunkers and the houses.

What software did you use to rip them?

NinjaRipper, most likely.