Call of Duty : WWII Models Pack

Here they finally are, the CoDWWII models some of you have been waiting for, but in a WiP-but-still-decent-enough state for you to enjoy.
This pack currently includes 205 models from these categories :

-Supplies (German and Allied)
-Weapons (it only has a flamethrower atm)[/t][t][/t][t][/t]

DOWNLOAD :!oEckBawL!Jx0HLN3cperj__lY4BZLhxKIFpLj5NPBUs4UP_xYnIc

Credits :

  • Sledgehammer Games and Activision : Models and textures
  • Me for : porting all these assets
  • justexhale : the amazing program that Wraith is

PS: all the icons of the models ported after the Open Beta are finally working, it was an issue with my previous packs wich is now solved.


Damn, you work fast. Great job!

Nice work, man! I definitely will use it

I love you (no homo), Great job!

Oh wow, this looks great. I can see a lot of use for these.

Nice work!

Awesome work so far! You know I definitely love seeing stuff like this!

Absolute god damn legend.

Beautiful work!


Amazing work as always! keep it up!

Jesus, you’re fast! Excellent work.

What programme would I use to open this?, sorry if it seems irrelivent i’m new to this community. many thanks, Laccose

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Could these be put in obj. form?

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Could these be put in obj. form?

There are multiple threads on this page where you can find the models in .obj format, the models in this thread are for use in Gmod/SFM only.

Amazing work!

Thanks! :slight_smile: Can we expect more stuff?

Question: how can I settle the path of CoD WW2 on Wraith? Because when I load a .pak file, it shows me nothing (first time that I’m using wraith)

Start Wraith then set the game to WWII, keep it open and start the game. Load one of the SP levels and when the cutscene ends, Alt TAB from the game then in Wraith click on Refresh Game, it will now load all the assets of the level.

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lol Short but usefull tuto! :slight_smile:

This looks great, as if it was parallax mapped.
It’s not though, right?