Call of Duty: WWII Weapon Models (sort of)

Thread for my ports from the new installment of the everybody’s favorite WW2 shooter. Oh wait.[/t][t][/t][t]

First on the menu are the Axis SMGs. Beretta M38 is sadly not present at the moment, I am currently working to get the model.


Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II with strap and mechanical bodygroups
Separate model for the bodygroups
Vollmer MP40 with strap and mechanical bodygroups
9x19mm Parabellum round
Nambu Type 100/40 with strap and mechanical bodygroups
8x22mm Nambu round

Also, Cynaraos created some different textures for the MP28 and Type 100. This also includes the super bright MP40 textures, if you are into that.

Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II

An evolution of the MP18, designed by Hugo Schmeisser and produced by Haenel in the interwar period. It saw service during WW2 and became the basis of the British Lancaster submachinegun, in itself the basis of the famous Sten submachinegun.

Name: Haenel-Schmeisser MaschinesPistole 28 II

Manufacturer: Haenel
Class: submachinegun
Caliber: 9x19mm ParaBellum or 7.63x25mm Mauser
Action: Fully automatic, ~500 RPM
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 30-round detachable box magazine
weight: ~4.18 Kg

Vollmer MP40

Heinrich Vollmer’s magnum opus, a further development of the MP38, itself simplified from the MP36. The MP40 went on to see extensive use and becomes a symbol of the German armed forces during WW2 and it sees use even to this day. It’s extremely rugged construction and design made the best submachinegun of it’s time and arguably of all time. Be it in the fields of France, the jungles of Vietnam or the deserts of the Near East, the MP40 is always in the front lines.

Name: Vollmer MaschinesPistole 40

Manufacturer: Steyr-Mannlicher, Erma Erke, Haenel
Class: submachinegun
Caliber: 9x19mm ParaBellum
Action: Fully automatic, ~500-550 RPM
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 32-round detachable box magazine
weight: ~3.97 Kg

Nambu Type 100/40

The only Submachinegun manufactured in large numbers by the Japanese Empire. Compared to previous attempts at submachinegun design, the Type 100 was more conventional, being based on the Bergmann MP18 design. The resulting weapon was lightweight and sturdy in design, but suffered from being chambered for the poor 8mm Nambu round. Furthermore, in order to solve jamming problems with the Nambu round, am echanism was implemented that only allowed the weapon to fire if a round was fully chambered, which led to a lot of jamming in itself. Unusually for a submachinegun, it was produced with a bayonet lug and a bipod. A folding stock version for paratroopers was also developed. It served with Japanese units from 1942 onwards and field experience led to the creation of the improved Type 100/44 variant.

Name: Nambu Type 100/40

Manufacturer: Kokura Arsenal
Class: submachinegun
Caliber: 8x22m Nambu
Action: Fully automatic, ~350-450 RPM
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 30-round detachable box magazine
weight: ~3.8 Kg

Please report any bugs that you find.

Sledgehammer Games for CoD WWII
My friend Kovah for the models
Fredrika for the Colored Specular technique
Cynaraos for the MP28 and Type 100 textures ine alt pack
Nem for VTFEdit
Cannonfodder for his plugins

Is there a way to put the mp40 sling on the other side ? The CoD devs went full retard on it.

I’ll try reversing it, but the MP40 sling can go on either side, so it’s not a big deal.

Added the Beretta Model 38A, left sided sling for the MP40 and also made the MP40 a bit bigger to be more realistic.

Beretta Model 38A

An Italian smg developed as a follow up to the Beretta M1918. It featured excellent production quality, although during WW2 many cuts had to be made, resulting in increasingly simplified versions of the weapon. The weapon possessed a few noteworthy features, such as dual triggers, the front one serving for single fire and the rear one for automatic fire. It also possessed a left-sided ejection port and a charging handle not directly connected to the bolt.
It´s various versions were produced until 1962 and even today is still used by units of the Italian Navy.

Name: MAB38A

Manufacturer: Beretta
Class: submachinegun
Caliber: 9x19mm ParaBellum
Action: semi-automatic, Fully automatic, ~600 RPM
Ammunition type: detachable box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 10-round, 20-round, 30-round or 40-round detachable box magazine
weight: ~4.2 Kg

This is how it supposed to look? I removed $phongalbedotint 1 from metal parts and left it only on grip:[/t]

can you extract this variant of the beretta 38? (beretta 38/41) is for a school job

I did not know that was in the game.

I also did not extract it. I got it from a friend. So far getting variants is not possible.

danm, I’ve been looking for a beretta 38/41 for a long time :confused:

You will get it once variant models become possible, just be patient.

There’s also one in the console CoD2 BRO. I tried getting models from there, but I failed.

I’ve also tried extracting BRO models, right now I’m trying to extract command models: strike force but they are in .PAK format and the pakscape does not open it

great work as always love it

look this variant for SVT-40 o_o its very curious

Separated this one since it does not fit in either camp.


Kbsp wz.38M with mechanical bodygroups
Separate model for the bodygroups
7.92x57mm Mauser round

Kbsp wz.38M

A semi-automatic rifle developed in the 1930s for the Polish Army, similar to the ZH-29 in design. The rifle featured a fixed box magazine loaded using Mauser stripper clips and featured a lug for Mauser-type bayonets. Only around 150 rifles were made and they never reached the frontlines. Their only usage in combat was when the designer of the rifle, Józef Maroszek, who was evacuating by train alongside his personnel and the rifles, shot a German plane, killing the gunner and injuring the pilot through the window of the train, forcing the plane to land and allowing the train to continue.

Name: Karabin samopowtarzalny wzór 38M

Manufacturer: Warsaw Arsenal No. 2, mass production was to be handled by FB Radom
Class: semi-automatic rifle
Caliber: 7.92x57mm Mauser
Action: semi-automatic
Ammunition type: fixed box magazine
Ammunition capacity: 10-round fixed box magazine
weight: ~4.5 Kg

i love the model quality but the textures…ñeh

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bro, you can upload it in mediafire? i cant download from steamworkshop, sorry

Not at this time.

I am not good enough to properly convert PBR textures yet.

Well, I will continue trying to download from steamworkshop, the .gma files give me error when extracting with programs like gmad or etc