Call of duty zombies protagonists model request

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am looking for models of 4 heroes familiar from cod waw and cod bo zombies. The 4 characters i mean are Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Rictoffen. I tried searching for it, but with no success.

If someone has created these models for garry’s mod, please let me know.

It hasnt been done.

Seems so. I can quess that no one is not willing to create those models for free :confused: Ah shame

I made a similar request, but with a request for some hellhounds and the “Wonder Waffle” (properly known as the Wunderwaffe DG-2) too.

Why? It’s a port job not modeling from the scratch.

Hmm is it? As these models are more of a gift for a friend so i don’t own garry’s mod… But it seems there is no one willing to port it. Can someone prove me wrong?

Actually it just so happens i started working on them along with faceposable nazi zombies today.

Here’s Nikolai

His hat, scarf and gear are bodygrouped

I guess I’ll start posting progress here.

Nice, but i just have a question.
Whats going on with those Red Orchestra styled russians you’re doing?
Sorry if im annoying you by asking but yeah.

:golfclap: :greatgift: :cheers: :cool:
Maybe soon, we will be able to use the proper four people from Nazi Zombies instead of using L4D survivors, HL2 characters etc. as stand-ins. I praise you sir.:worship:

Dempsey’s up next. Then Takeo and finally the nazi zombies

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Ingame test

Also it might just be the lamps but i think these guys need bumpmaps.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Give 'em some phong too if you haven’t already.

I dont think they need phong. They look perfect already, just needs bumpmaps and its done

Wow. excellent quality, sir. hopelefully they will hit the downloads someday

I just noticed they actually do have phong already.

So the bumpmap issue is not so fail.

Dempsey and bumpmaps

Dempseys head looks really different for some reason.

Good job though, cant wait for the release.

Yeah needs work. He looks differen’t due to CoD shaders and bumpmaps. I’m working on it