Call of Garry - Modern Sandbox 2.

A little parody of Modern Warfare 2 i made in gmod. Enjoy.

Oh, and sorry for the shitty quality. Uploaded it in a hurry.


looks cewl n stuff, hurf durf

Quite badly edited.

Hahahah, awesome.
Get more people on this, this thing is worth a series!

Fucking lol’d on the “Tacticl nuek lol” and “fuck you for ending the game with over 9000 nukes”

Seriously, I haven’t laughed this good for a while, a little retarted humour for the end of the day is always good.


Player chat was accurate.

pretty good fake

hahahahah thatt was awesome.
Very nice job and original idea I might addddd. :smiley:

Ahhh… been playing MW2 all the time lately. Pretty good!

<3 it gj

I hope your intended effect of this video was to make me want to play MW2, because it certainly did.
You did a pretty nice job for such a simple video, though. I was almost expecting someone with a knife to run by and stab you.