Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

The models come easily with dx ripper (I prefer its noesis plugin) and they’re awesome. It’s a really fun game too. I usually only go into game long enough to rip a model, but I found myself playing this one for a long time.

put up a link and i’ll rig and port that


dragbody released stuff ?

No, not for gmod. But this is a great place to share resources. I know many modders for other games come here frequently. It’s a great community with a lot of talented people.

If you have time, could you please do the Gatling gun. I while back I made paper model of COJ2 gatling gun, and I think a new updated one would be even better looking.

Has anyone ripped, rigged and ported the Ray and Thomas McCall models from Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood?

Nice. Thank you very very much.

If 3dripper worked with my OS I’d be ripping the hell out of this game. But I can’t get it or ninja ripper to work (says it needs steam to launch the game, and global monitoring mode doesn’t work on my 64x system).

If you’re ripping, think you could rip some of the enemies (the ones with the red bandanas. I forget if they belong to a particular gang)

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I’d be glad to rig them if you ripped them. I’ve been looking for good western models for ages.

I used dx ripper and it worked just fine

How did you get it to work? I’m guessing you used global monitoring mode (which I can’t use because I’m running on a x64 os. Which GMM is not compatible with)

Otherwise, this was the path I tried to use and it wouldn’t launch saying the game needed to be launched from steam.
“\SteamApps\common\CoJ Gunslinger\CoJGunslinger.exe”

Did you buy the game?

You have to launch Steam with dxripper and then just launch the game, if I remember correctly.

I purchased the game. When I run the game, Steam automatically opens if it isn’t already. I launch the gunslinger exe you mentioned from dx ripper (ninja ripper should work just the same).

All Ubisoft games seem to work easily with rippers. This has led me to buy many Ubisoft games I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered playing.

Edit: To be accurate, the game was gifted to me. I didn’t purchase it myself. Thanks to my friend Perry who got it for me.

No luck on my end. Same result for Ninja and DX. Gonna try launching steam with both, but I haven’t recalled this ever working in the past.

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Yup. No result with either of them.

Hey, sorry for the bump but this is something I’m genuinely interested in. Anyone else manage to rip from this game? I’ve been trying but I can’t get past this “Steam not initialized” error.

i did

Any chance you could put these models up? Still having trouble getting ninja rip to work with my steam version.


+1 for uploading them models…