Call of the Dead chars and Seager

Can anyone port these guys from Call of Duty: Black Ops reference Call of the Dead?

and Seager from The Club?


i too support this

I’ll support.

I love Robert Englund.

I’ll support this
because those character are my favorite, including seager Here you go

Not as in Freddy, I prefer the Call of the Dead version of Robert.

So is anyone willing to take this one up?


I have the Call of the Dead Models (not in T-pose , no textures but is something)

Thank you

So is anyone willing to take up Seager?

Now all we need is someone to get these into Garry’s Mod


I’m new to ripping and porting i’ll try, i’m a few months late :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to find the files I downloaded a LONG time ago that have the materials