Call the fire department or Garry.

Well… what can i say. FPS is great for experemental branch, but daaaamn my gpu is sweating. Vsync does not help, still getting same values. Never had such high temperature in other games. )

51 to 92 °C isn’t out of the ordinary. It would be worrying if you were hitting 100

GPUs can run hot. It’s high, but not Ragnarok.

Force your fan to 100% and you probably won’t hit 92C unless you’re really demanding every last bit of power out of your GPU.

Also, get a can of compressed air and go hunt the dust out of your GPU’s fan. I had a 550 Ti in a pre-built before my current PC, and the placement was awful for heat dissipation & dust collection. It was a recipe for thermal throttling.

Why not download MSI afterburner and ramp up the fan speed? and also i have the same card and i must ask you, How did you get the temp up to 92°c without touching the fan speed?.

92 is pretty high, and I wouldn’t recommend running the fan at 100% either as it will not last too long. I would personally clean out the fan and invest in better air flow in your case.

In idle my cpu is usually at 50-60c and when im playing games like Rust or TF2 my cpu goes up to 85-100c and gpu stays at 60-80c.

ps. I have a Acer Aspire 5750G (IT F*CKN SUX)

rust runs hot on my system as well. not even battlefield 4 on ultra does that to it.