Call to all base builders - Cheapest effective base design

Hello all,

This is a call to all the base designs out there. Recently I was testing a new design that is a 1x3 where you build up in 3 chambers. The middle chamber had a pillar in the middle all the way up and you had to use the metals doors as a way of jumping across the gap to get to each other floor. So it essentially look liked this:

First pic with the grass is the first floor:

For some reason the picture/link tags are now workingapologize

Essentially you just rinse and repeat and go up as many levels as you want. The first two floors costed 119 wood planks and bunch of metal doors. Each floor going up would only cost 2 metal doors. The concept behind this design is if they raid your base and blow the doors they have no way to access the higher levels until they replace the doors. Once you finish your structure or as you build up you need to pillar up the sides. The problem is pillaring up the sides ends up costing A LOT of wood so it didn’t really save that much. Long story short I finished building a base like this that was 5 levels, and it got raided the other night prior to me being able to put the surrounding foundations up with pillars. Now the design worked as they didn’t get to the main stash but I guess since they couldn’t they just greifed the hell out of it by smashing all the stairs and ceiling it up, along with replacing key doors with their own. They actually went to a significant length to make the base unusable, anythow it left me back at square one with the question of:

How do you build a smaller cost effective base that is not raid proof but protective or takes more c4 to blow into. The problem me and my friends seem to have is we don’t have endless hours to sink into Rust to farm for massive amounts of wood 5K-10K to build these super secure bases. So typically it takes us 3-4 days to finish the base in which time it is usually raided. With that in mind I’m looking to builders in the community to see if they have any new/fresh idea’s that can get a base up and going fast that is safe.

The only designs I can think of is a + shaped base, or the typical 3x3. The 3x3 however is 2360 wood per floor to build, and the + shape is around 1500 per floor to build up.

In conclusion, looking for:

  • Most cost effective safe base design / idea’s. This can include locations, as I know rocks are key to preventing people form building up
  • Extra idea’s into making the base less griefer friendly, meaning if someone griefs your base there could be a possibility of recovering the base.

Any help or idea is greatly appreciated,


or they can use big storage box + barricade to get up…

This only works to get to your 2nd floor. Which is why I always got to at least 3 floors

A 3x3x3 base with storage crates in the second floor center room is the best defense you can get with a low amount of wood.

I’ve shunned any large base and have resorted to finding spots for small bases in the mountains where there is zero traffic. Places you have to jump to that some random wouldn’t notice on a farming/scouting run.

You can use a Large Storage and Barricade for every floor. Place barricade at bottom level, blow second floor wall, place LS and B on second floor, blow to third, etc.

you’re better off hiding a 1x1 in the middle of no where and saving your wood until you can have a decently defendable base.

I use this design in my own bases, I only go 4 levels up though.
Instead of putting pillars on the outside, i put 1 foundation down around the base, so it ends up as a 3x5
i then add two walls on the foundation along with doors. this way no matter how they decide to raid me, they will have 3 walls to get through before they can get inside.
because there a 3 walls, they cannot see into by base so they don’t know what level my gear is on.
I usually keep my gear spread across different levels and i keep a spare set of Kev and a M4 on each level.

With this design, they can come with all the pillars and barricades they like coz they will need alot of C4 to get to my gear