CALL TO ARMS! HUGE FACTION WAR chaos island: no dura/ MASS ARIRDOP HAPPY HOUR/player estates

details are as such: no durability, kits, no fall damage, normal loot, extra spawns, claim land, server currency is chocolate bars, mass airdrops, airdrop happy hour, faction wars, place able bounties, BRONY FRIENDLY, BUY-ABLE PREMIUM, BUY-ABLE GLITCH HOUSES, BUY-ABLE SPACE HOUSES
i am the owner of this server and i was tired of people going around and using exploits, hax and bugs to kill me and take my blood sweat and tears, aka my earnings. join CHAOS and never have to worry again, ive got your back, and so will your faction, in your slow but raging takover of the island. race aganst the other factions to beat them down, and claim all of the keeps to win the gold. everyone is allowed to set a private home and if anyone tries to raid it, or steals without permission, they will be punished by admin. that being said, in this house you are allowed only ONE large wood storage and everything inside is off limits to other players. so it would be best to build a small shack near your actual base where you can keep the goodies. there will almost always be an admin on, and i will be on about half of the day everyday of the week except Saturday. and when im on, THE RIDE. NEVER. ENDS. get on this server, and you will never want to leave. (oh and every time a new player spawns, a mass drop is called in) HAVE FUN AND SEE YOU THERE!
just press f1 in the menu, and type net.connect (server ip)