Called a hacker by a entire group but turns out they were ESP xD

So i went on a new server found a P250 in small rad two guys rushed me in full leather, and I kill them xD Automatically got called a hacker so the admin started watching me I kept hearing random footsteps. There entire group of 6 rushed me and my friend and we murdered them got kev m4s and C4 was great got called again i was hacking xD The admin was watching the other guys and notice they knew every were I went even from my base to factory they never step out of their base. I killed 3 more at factory these guys need to learn to use medkits xD than one of them got VAC banned than another one did. So they admin finally knew the were using ESP. It was great I got like 15 sets of Kev, 15 C4 lots of bolt and M4 xD

I’m a happy camper.

PS and you guys might ask because I killed them so much only died once was I aimbotting, no I have around 450 Hours on Rust and just know how to wreck shit up xD

-snip, misread the OP-

still, no one cares if you got called a hacker, as long as you weren’t that’s all that mattered. also quit using “xD” so much, it is unbelievably childish.

cool story bro.

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you’re such a fucking cunt

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-snip, that was very rude of me.-

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Why don’t you go play with your little pony toys my little brony friend?

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Whoa whoa! Now youre getting the bronies involved. Your house is soooo getting TP’d.

He had it coming lol, you’ll get treated as you treat others.

Oh shit, abandon thread everyone, ponies are now added to the equation :v:

Worst told story ever.

Considering that many players are below 15. Why would you write something so retarded?

Care to point out which part was, as you say, retarded, “deadpool?” [Sp]deadpool is the most autistic superhero, look what that says about you, friend.[/sp]

I think a better question is: Why do you even bother posting at all jonnymad? If you have nothing constructive to say just let the thread go. Why must you stalk the forum insulting people along the way for no reason?

Insulting a, possibly, 12 year old brat.

From the little time I spent here, I came to learn that most golds are dicks.


But this thread does have little to no purpose being here. That’s all Jonny was saying then shitposting sparked.

Thanks for the defense, but itisn’t a big deal, the dudes up there will likely get a flaming ban anyways. IIt’s a good thing I am at work or shit would be going down :v: