Calling lua_run via C++

is it possible to call any lua functions within c++, i really just want to be able to use lua_run and throw some arguments in there.

Why do you need lua_run clientside?

He never stated that.


C++ not clientside… or am I missing something?

C++ modules is clientside and server side.

Where did he say he wanted to do it clientside? was what everyone was asking you but clearly you failed to understand.

If you read Jamie’s post you would understand.

His post is saying the same thing mine is

He never said he wanted it clientside.

As stated as above that may be

Fucking hell you can’t get as stubborn as that.

Lua()->RunString("myfunction('a string', 1)")


ILuaObject* thefunction = Lua()->GetGlobal("myfunction");
Lua()->Push("a string") // argument 1
Lua()->Push(1) // argument 2
Lua()->Call(2, 0) // 2 arguments were passed through.
thefunction->UnReference() // Remove it from stack.

Method 1 is easier, but method 2 is far more practical for passing through user data and dynamic variables.

The more technical term, IIRC



But yeah, the general idea is above.

Yeah I meant basically client/server, but thanks everyone!

You’re welcome.

Don’t even mention that shit.