Calling on a LUA file through a map on command

basically, I’m learning LUA for GMod, but i have NO ambition of scripting an entire gamemode just for 1 map. unless it keeps giving me hair-ripping problems, in which case, i would rather get someone to help me (heavily) make it rather than rip my hair out to make a stable BASE code.
I’m talking too much.

here’s a quote from the OP of my original thread:

code for both my current functions is available if people want to see it (it’s pretty much cannibalized from many sources)

screw it, here’s my code

for _, ply in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
	if ( ply:FlashlightIsOn() ) then ply:ConCommand("impulse 100") end


local allowedSteamIDs = {"STEAM_0:0:0", "STEAM_2", "STEAM_3"}
function giveWeapon(player, command, args)
    if table.HasValue(allowedSteamIDs, player:SteamID()) then
concommand.Add("getweapon", giveWeapon)

right now it just gives a physgun, but i hope for it to be able to parent stuff to players later

i need a single-line flashlight controller and/or steamID checker or a way to reference LUA files from a map

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